About Us

Our Mission

To facilitate the development and growth of choral music programs in Steamboat Springs and surrounding communities.

Board of Directors

President: Joseph Peter Becker; Vice-President: Lucy Middleton; Secretary: Ruth McClelland; Treasurer: Pat McClelland; Directors-at-Large: Gerry Audesirk, and Mary Lynn James; Ex Officio Advisor: Nancy Kramer; Choral Director: Christel Houston; Program Coordinator: Sharon Smith

Our Vision

  • To provide leadership for the advancement of the choral programs in the Yampa Valley
  • To provide administrative and support services for established and emerging vocal groups
  • To solicit, receive and disburse donations and grants for all YVCS programs
  • To identify partnerships to sustain the ongoing efforts of YVCS and the choral arts in the Yampa Valley
  • To facilitate collaboration between the YVCS and other arts  and nonprofit organizations in the
  • To share artistic, music and equipment resources