The Yampa Valley Singers

About Us

Since 2007, the Yampa Valley Singers, an open-enrollment choir, have been delighting the residents and visitors to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with their challenging and diverse repertoire.

Managed by

Dr. Joseph Peter Becker (Director)

Terry Audesirk (President)

Joe Becker (Vice President)

Ruth McClelland (Secretary & Administrative Coordinator)

Pat McClelland (Treasurer)

Gerry Audesirk

Lucy Middleton

Jean Clougherty


Membership with the Yampa Valley Singers is open to any singer and requires a $35 registration fee due at the first rehearsal. For Inquiries or questions, please contact Ruth McClelland, 970-879-2641, or

Participation Guidelines

Participation in the Yampa Valley Singers is beneficial to all of us. I understand that we all need to work together to accomplish our shared goals. Therefore:

  • I must be able to match notes [tone/pitch] played on piano. If unable to do so, I will abide by the director’s decision about my further participation.
  • I will make a genuine effort to attend rehearsals regularly, starting with the first rehearsal. If I know that I will miss a rehearsal, I will notify the director beforehand. If I am unable to attend at least 75% of the rehearsals, I will discuss my situation with the director, and abide by his/her decision about my further participation.
  • I understand that it is important to be on time, so that the rehearsals can start promptly and use everyone’s time most efficiently. I understand that warm-ups will start promptly at 6:30 PM.
  • I will focus my attention on the music and the director, and will make every effort to follow the instructions that he/she gives.
  • As a courtesy to everyone, I will keep personal conversations during rehearsals to a minimum.
  • I will study the music at home to learn my part and perfect my technique.
  • I will make my best effort to sell tickets to the concert, as it is the responsibility of ALL singers to support the success of the concerts and offset concert production costs by selling tickets.
  • I understand that the music, practice CDs, performance folders, and other materials that I have been given are the property of the Yampa Valley Singers. I will take care of them during practices and performances, and return them after the final performance.
  • I must be able to stand for concert performance. If unable to do so, I will discuss my situation with the director to see if accommodation can be made, and abide by his/her decision about my concert participation.

2018 Rehearsal Schedule for the YVS "A Cornucopia of Music " November Concerts

Concert Dates: Friday, Novemberl 16th at 7pm and Saturday, November 17th at 4pm at the Heart of Steamboat United Methodist Church with Reception following each concert

Rehearsals on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Heart of Steamboat Methodist Church (736 Oak St)

      • August . 21, 28
      • September 4, 11,18,25
      • October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
      • November . 6, 13=DRESS REHEARSAL